Virtual Roundtables

Each month, Idaho Commerce hosts an economic development webinar focusing on a variety of topics ranging from Idaho businesses and industries to economic development strategy, tools, and resources. Check out our full library of webinars below.


  • January 2019: Jerry Miller discusses Idaho Opportunity Zones and the recently issued rules and regulations surrounding them.


  • January 2018: Jerry Miller from Idaho Commerce discusses downtown revitalization.
  • March 2018: Patrick Meuleman from the Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (NWTAAC) discusses how his program can assist Idaho businesses.
  • April 2018: Patrick Watson gives an overview of Idaho Commerce research and data tools.
  • May 2018: Tom Shaner and Cynthia Adrian from the Idaho Tax Commission discuss recent federal and state tax reform and how it affects Idaho tax payers.
  • July 2018: Andrea Vlassis-Zahn from the Business Attraction Team at Idaho Commerce gives an update and overview on Gem State Prospector including some awesome tips and tricks.
  • August 2018: Scott Bailey from NuScale Power and Bryan Atkinson from Fluor talk about advanced nuclear opportunities for Idaho Companies.
  • September 2018: John Chatburn from the Governor’s Office of Energy and Mineral Resources and Russ Hahn from Idaho Power lead a discussion highlighting energy in Idaho.
  • October 2018: Catie Bennett, Economic Development Specialist at the US Small Business Administration, takes a deep dive into SBA programs and services and FY2019 initiative including a rural focus/USDA MOU, HUB zone increase and fee waivers.


  • January 2017: Idaho Commerce Managers update on their programs and highlight opportunities for the upcoming year.
  • February 2017: Idaho Commerce Business Retention and Expansion team overview.
  • March 2017: Idaho Department of Labor talks about the ApprenticeshipIdaho program.
  • May 2017: The Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) gives an overview of their services and how they collaborate with Economic Development Professionals.
  • June 2017: Alan Dornfest from the Idaho Tax Commission talks about property tax exemptions and what that means for both new and established Idaho businesses.
  • August 2017: Will Whelan from The Nature Conservancy talks about collaborative forest restoration in Idaho.
  • September 2017: Mike Witry from the Intermountain Fair Housing Council discusses workforce housing and creative solutions for communities.
  • November 2017: Kathryn Almberg from The Housing Company gives an overview of her program and some projects they’ve done in communities around Idaho.


  • January 2016: Idaho Commerce Business Attraction Team gives an update on open projects using the State RFI, an overview of the Idaho Property Tax Exemption User Guide, and the New Idaho ED Partners Map and Directory.
  • March 2016: Raino Zoller from Trailhead in Boise talks about co-working and maker spaces.
  • April 2016: Patrick Watson from the Idaho Commerce Business Attraction Team discusses economic development strategy tools offered by the department and how to best utilize them.
  • May 2016: Montana Idaho CDC discuss their services and opportunities for Idaho businesses.
  • June 2016: USDA Rural Development present on their Community Programs opportunities for Idaho communities.
  • August 2016: Idaho Transportation Department gives an overview of Idaho’s Workforce Transportation Initiative.
  • September 2016: Carmen Achabal talks about the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM)
  • October 2016: Andrea Rayburn from Idaho Tourism goes over Idaho Tourism content assets, who can use them and how, and how those assets can help bolster tourism in Idaho communities.


  • January 2015: Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) Mid-Year: Key Learnings
  • February 2015: Irene Gonzales from the Small Business Administration gives an overview of their programs.
  • May 2015: Representatives from Idaho State agencies including Commerce, Agriculture, DEQ, Labor, Tax Commission, and Transportation discuss the Rapid Response efforts involved when a new business or industry is interested in Idaho.
  • July 2015: Idaho Tourism manager Diane Norton discusses tourism around the state the Idaho Tourism grant program and opportunities
  • August 2015: Idaho Commerce and Idaho Department of Agriculture talk about international business in Idaho. Discussion topics include the importance of trade and grant and financial opportunities for Idaho companies.
  • September 2015: Pablo Monzon with GIS Planning Inc. discusses new intelligence components and infographics to improve your website.


  • September 2014: Randy Shroll gives strategies for communities in rural Idaho to advertise and do marketing outreach on a budget.
  • November 2014: Jan Roeser from Idaho Department of Labor discuss the Workforce Development Training Fund (WDTF)