As you launch or expand your Idaho business, you’ve got a lot on your plate: hiring the right people, finding a suitable space, and creating demand for what you’re offering. It all requires capital—and Idaho Commerce realizes you may need a little boost in this department.

Whether you need start-up funding, financing for facility expansion, or a crash course in how to best leverage Idaho’s tax incentives, we can help.

Review the resources below, or contact us for a confidential assessment of your business needs—and we’ll see what programs we can put to work for you.

  • Incentives

    Tax credits and refunds for qualifying businesses.


  • Grants

    State of Idaho programs to help fund research, market access, infrastructure improvements, and more.


  • External Financing

    Additional sources of funding available to Idaho businesses.


  • Workforce Development

    Customized recruiting and training services.


  • Low Taxes

    Benefitting from Idaho’s stable and lower tax burden.


  • Incentive Brochure

    Get more details about these and all our other incentives.


  • Business Finance Programs

    This quick reference guide provides information on basic financial assistance programs designed to help promote business and economic development in Idaho.