Who lives in Idaho? Will you find employees with the right skill levels for your business? A consumer market for your products?

Idaho Commerce has answers to these questions and more. Our interactive Gem State Prospector tool provides statistics to help you perform market comparisons and choose the optimal location for your facility. It’s a great way to get to know our communities and the properties you’re considering. You can search for stats on every Idaho city, county, and region. Each report contains an interactive map of the community and data on its labor force, wages, education levels, demographics, and consumer expenditures.


Gem State Prospector

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Indicators Northwest

Looking for in-depth demographics? Indicators Northwest provides the most up-to-date social and economic data for states, counties, and Native American reservations and tribes in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. This new resource utilizes publicly available data to help citizens and officials better understand community trends in the Northwest. It was developed by the University of Idaho with support from the Community Action Partnership.