Idaho Tourism builds our economy by promoting Idaho as a visitor destination on a national and international level. The team uses strategic marketing and public relations to create awareness of Idaho’s attractions and foster sustainable growth.

The division also supports local non-profit and regional tourism development organizations through a competitive marketing grant program. Workshops, training, co-op marketing opportunities and assistance with marketing and public relations efforts are available to all tourism suppliers in Idaho. Our $3 billion tourism industry plays a vital part in Idaho’s economy by providing over 26,000 direct jobs which generate almost $500 million in local, state, and federal tax revenues.

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Idaho Department of Commerce
700 West State Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0093
(208) 334-2470

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Tourism Staff

Matt Borud, Marketing and Innovation Administrator

Phone: (208) 287-0772

Diane Norton, Tourism Manager

Phone: (208) 287-0785
Staff Management, Idaho Travel Council, Marketing and Planning, Idaho Conference on Recreation, Scenic Byways/Roadsider, Film Office Queries, Region 2 Rep

Laurie McConnell, Senior Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 287-0781
Tourism Media Relations-Domestic, Domestic Media Missions, Industry Newsletter, Industry Brand Management, Region 1 Rep

Nancy Richardson, Senior Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 334-2470
International Tourism Marketing, Trade Shows, Media Relations, Publications, Brand USA collaboration, Region 3 & 6 Rep

Andrea Rayburn, Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 780-5140
Content Development, Photo and Video Asset Development, Influencer Marketing and Campaign Collaboration, Campaign and Brand Management, Travel Guide, Lodging Listings, Region 5 Rep

Amy Alpers, Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 780-5153
Domestic Motorcoach, Trade Shows, Culinary and Special Events (i.e. Craft Beer Month, Sponsorships, etc.),  Hospitality Training, Sales Collateral, Region 3 Rep

Tyler Schnur, Tourism Specialist

Phone: (208) 287-3154
Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Visual Assets, Production Guide, Consumer Newsletter, Region 7 Rep

Tina Caviness, Tourism Associate Analyst

Phone: (208) 780-5142
Visit Idaho Travel Queries, Fulfillment Vendor Management, Bulk Publication Requests, Tourism Database Management, Kids/Roadsider Brochures, Statewide Event Calendar, ICORT Sponsorships, Film Office Queries, Itinerary Development, Region 4 Rep

Ewa Szewczyk, Grants and Contracts Manager

Phone: (208) 287-0784